Who Roots for Goliath?

Kids. Kids root for Goliath. Why would a kid want to be like David? David is weak and unpopular. Kids want to be winners all the time.

I had a realization when I noticed that the only people rooting for the Heat in the NBA Finals are kids. Sorta like how I rooted for the Bulls, when my uncle and older cousins were rooting for the Jazz. We watched together on the same TV in the same house. Yet whenever I yelled and jumped for joy when the Bulls won, they didn't seem annoyed with me. I would have been annoyed with myself. If I could go back in time, I would've been with them and rooted for the Jazz.

For the same reason I am not annoyed with kids who root for the favorites. I was like that too.

This makes me wonder: Why do we start rooting for the underdog when we grow older? Is it because we want the hard working underdogs to get their piece of glory and fulfillment? Or is it because we get cynical and just want to see the fall of the mighty? I think both reasons apply. It just depends on that specific person.

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J.Frosty said...

We have come to realize what earning it really means. However, i'm really sad for Wade cause he's such a world class player. Oh well.. LET'S GO TEAM DIRK!