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Notice anything new? That's right, we're finished with construction! What better way to bring in the new layout then with a "New" segment, like the Cleveland Show to Family guy, my segment is a branch off of Mac's GmG. So without further adieu:

Heated Frosty Presents: You know what melts my frosty?

Bad drivers...more specifically, bad drivers in big cars...more specifically, bad drivers in pick up trucks... Now I'm not talking about people who drive trucks and actually use them for their purpose of hauling things around, such as a construction worker, and I'm not really talking about people who drive slow, yeah they make me mad sometimes, but they don't melt my frosty.

& I'm not really talking about the person who drives a truck for fun either, although I really don't support it. No, what i'm talking about is that newbie truck driver that blocks lanes by always making wide turns and my absolute favorite [sarcasm] takes up more than one parking spot. Oh you sob mutha trucka!!!

Not only is there no reason for them to be driving a truck, they truly suck at handling such a big piece of machinery. You cant look badass if you're looking like a douche. I understand that this happens with all kinds of cars and not just trucks, and of course my frosty is melted by all types of bad driving alike, but i'm picking a fight with the truckers because they happen to affect me most often =P

lmao, this showed up after i made the post
(click me)

Save yourself some face and some gas


In other news, New Duke Nukem! Very Excite!

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im gonna love this segment