Heated Frosty

You know what else melts my frosty?

People who take their time crossing the street with no concern for the automobiler. I'm not talking about the little old lady who has trouble walking or the crippled guy in a wheel chair, I'm talking about that athletic looking person who looks like they can run a mile in 6 minutes. I'm talking about that group of people joking and taking their time doing their side to side and 2 step. I know it's not personal but sometimes i swear these people are trying to piss me off, and it's not even when i'm in a rush, I'm usually NEVER in a hurry to get anywhere. I'm not asking them to run, i'm just saying they can do a little better than what they're doing now. Please be considerate, just quickly make your way across the street so the rest of us can get on with our day.

The things I'd do for a ray gun and a license to vaporize


Mac OBryan said...

are u kidding? you threaten to do that all the time

J.Frosty said...

threaten and do are completely different, i run when i see a car waiting all the time.

Theresa (Bryan, Chris, Jo's cousin) said...

You know what melts my frosty (well, I guess I really shouldn't use that term since I'm not THE JFrosty)- when pedestrians complain about aggressive drivers and walk slowly. Then when they are behind the wheel, they complain about slow pedestrians.