Hockey Riot Vancouver Why????

So I was checking my email on Yahoo when I cam across one of Yahoo News article. Almost half of the articles on Yahoo is worth reading and the other half are worthless and every time I click on the link I'll be like "Are you kidding me? or Really?". Especially some of the comments on these articles, it's just entertaining.

Anyway, when I saw this picture in the article. Man this scrawny Asian guy managed to do that much damage? I would expect better from him since he was Asian. Then it hit me, that this was probably after the riot (since it looks like morning) and he just wanted a picture for his facebook. I think he got what he wanted, but then again will the police track him down? This gave me the laugh for this morning.

Picture Courtesy: AndersKravis



J.Frosty said...

lol i saw this too, unfortunately i kind of figured he'd be unlikely able to cause that kind of damage with just a hockey stick, especially against what looked like treated glass protecting ATMs lol. But, entertaining, I'm looking to a followup story about how "Asian boy posing for picture gets arrested for suspected rioting"

Mac OBryan said...

lol looks like khoa