Blade me not!

I'm about to do the impossible and compare two things from different families. Skates & Shoes. Skates use to be what all the cool cats could be seen sporting. "Hold up young blood! that's a nice pair of wheels you got" and he wasn't talking about the young blood's car. Not just that, the power of the skate to change your social standing far exceeded what a pair of shoes [or blades] could do now. In other words, with modern day shoes it all comes down to how much money you have to spend on the pair of shoes that every wants. Back then? sure if you had a bedazzled pair of skates you were cool, but if you had the moves you were fresh to death! All that matter was how you rocked it.

This could've been us Ballers!!!

Are we the reincarnation of some old school cats or are we just remnants of a greater era?

idknow lol, i just wanted to show you the video

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Mac OBryan said...

aint gonna lie, this woulda been fun times to grow up. oh well. i guess we'll have to live with soulja boy and jerking.