Grinds my Gears and Childhood MacNugget Mash Up

You know what grinds my gears? Annoying classmates and teachers from elementary school.

1) When the teacher takes roll call, you raise your hand and say "here". Then after ten or so kids some douche raises his hand when his name is called and proudly says "present". Gosh so annoying. Stupid overachieving kids. I might have done it a few times in my life (as a copycat) but I'm talking about the kids that did it every damn time. D-bags.

2) When you ask your teacher if you can go to the restroom, and she says "I don't know, CAN you?" Stupid bitch. I CAN, and I WILL take a dump in your classroom if you don't let me go. I remember the first time this happened the kid nearly cried until the teacher said "ask if you MAY go to the restroom".

I think students can get away with showing off, and teachers can get away with being a dictator in elementary school because no one knows better. But by high school, overachieving students get laughed at, and douchey teachers get ripped apart. However, by the time we get to college we again have overachieving students and douchey professors. I believe it is because students have put their grades above everything else, even common sense. Why else would we be nice to the cocky nerd, except to get some homework help. Or why else would we be brown nose mean professors except to get a recommendation letter? Come on college students! Get back your high school scorn and put-down attitude! Put the dbags back in their place!


J.Frosty said...

That's it, this coming winter i'm gonna drop a deuce on the first douche professor i get! RAGGGGGEEEE!!!!!!!!

Mother Russia said...

LOL at #1. I thought, and still do think, those kids are funny. It might be because I didn't, and still don't, like school so much. :p

as for #2, I'm not gonna lie. I've done that to kids younger than me... It might be because it was done to me beforehand haha. It might also be because of the grammar nazi inside? Nonetheless, it IS def annoying when you gotta go and a teacher is delaying it. In that case, DROP THE DEUCE! muahaha