Yard Sales AKA Angel Dust

Ever drove by a "Yard Sale" or "Garage Sale" sign and just had an urge to go visit and see if you'd get lucky in finding something?

Well I have, but up until yesterday I've been able to resist that urge. When my friend mentioned a super yard sale composed up of +40 vendors I just had to go! I must say it was pretty fun, and unlike the possibility of "hit or miss" which could happen when you go to just one sale this place was perfect because if you didn't like what one person sold you'd just take a couple steps and look at what someone else had to sell. There were a lot of cool stuff and A LOT of toys lol.

Inside the box of junk there's a couple jewels. It seemed like a crime getting what i got for the price i got it for. I got a plastic rain poncho that seems brand new for 50cents which would've ran me $5 at wal-mart. I got 2 really nice ties, brand new with tags, for 3 each, both with a retail value of $30, and I also got a brand new Blackberry HS-655+ Bluetooth Headset for $10 which would've cot me about $50 on ebay. And my jewel, A GIANT ASS BAG OF either expensive or collectable set PENS AND PENCILS for $2, i have no idea how much this would cost me at the store but definitely +$10. So I ended up spending $18.50 on what would've cost me $115 in stores. And i didn't even haggle, besides being a bitch, the prices seemed all too good to try to get lower. DAMN, I'm doing this again!

There were a lot of stuff I wanted to buy with the "hey this could go there" or "that's something I can use" but stopped myself (with a little help) from purchasing, A LOT of stuff...

Did i mention that there were A LOT of toys? lol, I couldn't help but look through all the boxes of toys, nothing amazing, but at those prices you can't really complain. If it weren't for someone to hit me with the reality check stick I'd probably be knee deep in toys and buyer's remorse lol. Definitely fun to look through and get taken back into the past.

Yard & Garage Sales is like Crack!

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Mac OBryan said...

take me with you next time. i want to buy things i think i need! one man's not so useful stuff is another man's somewhat useful stuff!