Don't Leave Me!

First things first. WE NEED MORE VOTES FOR GREEN!

Had a good first day of practice with the Lion Dance Team on Sunday. Don't forget to do those lunges guys! Fixed my MW2 gamedisc for $2.50. Bought some knee support from Wal-mart for $8.00. Driver seat in my car doesn't go forward or backwards anymore, my baby is slowly drifting into car heaven. =[

"Inspire Inspiration."

Thank You Mac O'Bryan? for freshening up the site.

Update 10:26 PM.

SERIOUSLY! 2 for red and 3 for blue!? DOESN'T ANYONE LOVE GREEN!? If you love Earth you'll change your vote to green! That's right, feel guilty and go green!

Stay Frosty.


Mac O'Bryan said...

how did u fix mw2?

Comrade Jonski said...

took it to a store where they take off a thin layer of the disc, removing the scratches. recommended to me by gamestop.

turns out, the disc gets the perfect circle scratch when someone... moves the console with the disc spinning inside.

Willy Bob said...

I can go green and still like blue. lol

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

as long as its green on paper!