Mind boggling numbers from China

Recently read an article

about how a show called "Super Girl" in China was cancelled even though it drew in 400 million viewers on TV for it's finale. Holy EFF 400 million? The USA total only has around 300. Anyway it was cancelled because it works like American Idol, where you get to VOTE for the winner. The great party of China didn't want the youth to be accustomed to voting -_- The official statement is that it was unhealthy for young people to be paraded around as it didn't emphasize morals.

Another topic... we all know that there's too many boys to China compared to girls (due to one child policy and gender based abortion). Either this is really smart because China can go to war to even out these numbers, or they're effed. I forgot the exact number of men in their 20s who statistically can't get a wife, but since China has so many people, that number is equal to the total number of young men of the same age in America!

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J.Frosty said...

They're government is begging for a war draft lol.