So I was playing Words With Friends and TA challenged me to a game. At first she was dominating me with her words, but I caught up and well all I can say is Plaggggguuuueed!!

My crazy word streak ended with:

QI = 33 pts
Anatomy = 24 pts
Jane = 102 pts
Brain = 43 pts
Plagued = 65 pts
Total = 267 pts

Since I used all the letters in my queue for Plagued, the game gives you an additional 35 pts. But my what a game. Plaggggguuuueed!!

Below is proof! Took me an hour to get a screen capture on my phone, but it was worth it (had to download some android development software for the computer).



Mac OBryan said...

also the four letters say AIEEE !!

Willy Bob said...

lol Mac!

I wish I had a smart phone to play *sigh =p

J.Frosty said...

yeah plaaaguuue!

J.Frosty said...

lol i just realized something. you've got a busy status bar

Khorn said...

1. Message Sent
2. USB Debugging
3. USB Plugged In
4. Google Stalkerish Pinpoint Location
5. Phone on Vibrate
6. Ev = 3G???
7. 5 bar signal (why 6 bar max???)
8. Charging Phone through Comp.
9. Clock Alarm
10. Time