Brothers to the End!

I'm sure i've posted about this before but... 
Epic video game trailers, they just hit the spot. 
Here an example of what i mean.

Oh, that third one...soooo good. 
The ability to make a viewer feel the compassion and bond between the characters in the game within seconds or minutes is awesome!  There are a lot of games out there with trailers from previous titles to current titles that have connected story lines. Of course, you'll feel a stronger connection if you have actually played the game.  I gotta find an xbox so i can finish the fight!

And dont' forget about those epic Live-Action trailers. For example >=]...

That was amazing! Through some hard work and dedication a rough outline of the Halo story was explained, and not to mention with awesome acting and video effects! GAH! If this ever becomes a movie i'm going to be so happy!
But for now, i'm satisfied with, that's right folks, another Halo!
YIPPEEE KAY YAY MFs! HALO 4 is on the way!


Mac OBryan said...

one rule of blogging, if you post more than 2 videos, i get turned off and avoid them altogether lol. i finally got myself to watch the videos.

anyway, i gotta say i hate people to hate on video games destroy human emotion. im sure it makes the mind lazy, but there's such a wide range of emotions and its a work of art.

J.Frosty said...

">=]" was just for you bryan lol