Asian Men & Bad Romance

Are you an Asian guy who just can’t seem to date the girl they want…or even get a date at all?! It’s okay son, this is meant for you! After much observation from my Asian homies, I will share my opinions (in a series of posts) on where they went wrong and break down tips on improving your chances with the ladies. *giggity giggity, alright!

Issue I

Problem: You have no balls…and possibly an inverted wiener.

I have seen countless times where Asian men settle or think they can't get a girl. If this is you, I urge you to si-top these habits right now! Asian guys have lost their confidence to approach the girl they want to date (who tends to be attractive and well put together). Since they perceive the girl as being out of their league, they don’t act on their feelings and admire her from afar. Sounds familiar? Well while you’re being a pansy, other men (usually from other races) are pursuing her – which gives her an idea of what her options are for dating. You obviously aren’t one of them because she doesn’t have a clue! Instead, you’re stuck dating people your parents or friends hook you up with (who are girls you weren’t interest in to begin with). Worse comes to worst, you settle on dating a girl from Vietnam who is a gold digger and says “I tock in-lit bay-bee. I lub yuu.” Like that would make you pitch a tent...

Solution: Just believe!

Inner confidence is about being brave, taking risks and feeling good about yourself. Even though you’ve been shot down in the past or feel like you’re no Fabio, you should continue believing in yourself. It's like why should a girl buy a product when the company who made it doesn’t stand behind it? Get out there and sell the girl on how amazing you are! Put your balls out there and if they happen to get stepped on, it hurts, but life goes on. Just rearm and re-evaluate the strategerie (according to the wise George Bush).

Until next time...go get 'em tiger!
-Willy Bob


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Gaha I love it! I will never stop trying! And that picture. HAHAHA!

Thanks Willy Bob!

Mac O'Bryan said...

good stuff

Anh Di said...

Whoever you are, Willy Bob, thanks for the push & advice.