True Fail Story #1

In my first week of freshman year in high school, a teacher asked us to write an essay using double space. A few days later I received the paper back with some egregious deduction in points. I asked "my gott, me fail engrish? that impossible" The teacher said I didn't double space, but I told him I did: "Look mang' I press da space not one time but two time after every wordt." And then he started laughing. And I bolted out of the classroom and ran home to momma.

(disclaimer: fob talk and running home to momma not real, double-space error and deduction of points was real)

- Mac

Andy I dare you to create a rival Hiep Si blog, it will be a glorious day when I laugh at your pathetic attempts at bloggation. Anyway here's how you can make a community blog:

go to, sign in, and go to dashboard
click create a blog
when you finish creating, go to settings for that blog
in the settings, go to permission
click add authors, and email them invites.


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

HAHA nice story lol.

You will fail Andy!

v-man said...

Not with the might of hiep si behind him. Hiep Si presents Paper Planes: the new blog to contend with BiA!

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

lol... you are no threat to BiA. You bring your war, and we will fight and win.

Willy Bob said...

My Got! lol

Anh Di said...

we have the VC, the brainiac, the silent assasin and kobe's father on our side. you have no chance.