Practice Time! Pre-Camp Post

So tonight was game one of a basketball league I joined on campus. This is probably the closest thing to an official game I've played since 8th grade.

I was pretty embarrassed with my performance tonight. I went 0-2 and 50% of my screens were beyond pointless. I've slowed down my release to maybe 3 seconds so that my shot is more relaxed and smooth, unfortunately my second shot got blocked because I took so long and it doesn't help that my guard was 6'8" with a wingspan of intimidating length.

My offense wasn't the only thing stinking up the gym tonight though, my defense, my pride and glory, was just as horrible. We ran Zone Defense, what a train wreck that was for me. I remember back to a couple months ago I was all about the Zone but since I've conditioned myself to be able to run man-on-man I've never had to run zone. Basically I was still mentally playing man defense while physically attempting to play zone, if you can picture that... it's anti-zone defense. It was so bad that I got yelled to Box Out a couple times =[, felt horrible. Had a couple "I don't know what's going on anymore" moments. Hopefully we don't have to run zone again anytime soon.

Thank the Lort for having amazing teammates, these guys shot 70-80% at the arc, carried me real nicely. Hopefully with some practice I'll get use to this team, I'll hold my own, and our team will be even better. Till next game.

I so excite! Big Bear here we come! 'Camp' update when i get back.

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Bryan said...

lol u and me were born to be role players, don't worry about offense it will come to you.

we need a guitless unconscience-able shooter to make a good 3 man team... thank the Lort for Andy.

i need to work on my 3 pointers again. It will feel nice to know my shots are going in rather than hope it goes in.