JuMex tip #3 and Easy Mac tip #1

The following receives BiA's JuMex stamp of approval

Did you ever notice that when you eat at a Vietnamese restaurant the tip is always 2 or 3 dollars?

2 people and 2 bowls of pho = 2 or 3 dollars for tip

8 people and shark fin soup and a roasted pig = 2 or 3 dollars for tip

Therefore Mac suggests you take your whole crew to a Vietnamese restaurant to minimize your person/tip ratio

Add-on to JuMex tip #2: When at Yogurtland or Baskin Robbins or Coldstone, when they ask if you're eating in or to-go. Say to-go even if you're going to eat there, you already know why.


The following receives BiA's Easy Mac stamp of approval

Have you ever had to make the tough decision between diet soda and regular soda? One tastes better and the other has no calories. But this is not all. As General Lahm has pointed out, you must choose between diabetes or cancer. But have no fear, this problem is easily solved. When you go to the Bảy-Mười Một, fill up your fountain drink with half diet soda and half regular. Now you don't have to choose, you can have both your diabetes and cancer and drink it too!


Willy Bob said...

lol the classic 2 dollars tip +1

lets pull of the shark fin soup ordeal when i get back w the crew! i'm craving asain food so bad *drools

Anh Di said...

cant decide between diabetes and cancer.. so I'll just take both...


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

bahaha. 2 dollar tip at a wedding recception!