Mac's summer goals

Active stuff

1) Take the MCAT... again
2) Do research work without internet distractions
3) Do not eat any fast-food unless it's with friends, this will probably cut down my cheeseburgers from 10 a month to 2 a month (Subway ftw!)
4) Go jogging with the dog every day
5) Get that 2 year 24-hour fitness membership and get PUMPED
6) Basketball dribbling drills
7) Finish the TN Wiki (all past events, learning materials)
8) Organize a TN community service project

Learning stuff

1) Learn everything a Huynh Truong is supposed to know. For me, this means learning knots, semaphore, history and goals, the ten rules, and about twenty songs.
2) Read the New Testament of the Bible
3) Read the entire US Constitution and all the amendments



v-man said...

Ambitious enough for your talents!

Good luck!

Swimming also gets you ripped and has the added benefit of a nice tan, slightly bleached hair, and the always refreshing lingering aroma of chlorine.

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

i want in on the HT to do's