Questions of the week...

What up ballers?! Wanted to give a shout out before I head to work! It's been awhile since I've posted so to make up for lost time, I'm gonna throw out several random questions for this week. lol

1) If you could live in a television series, what would it be?
2) What did you have for lunch yesterday?
3) Do stairs go up or down?
4) What's your favorite infomercial?
5) What's the first thing you notice in someone of the opposite sex?

Willy Bob says...

1) How I Met Your Mother
2) Chicken Alfredo *yum!
3) Stairs exist. It's people that go up or down them depending on their direction. =p
4) The Shake looks so wrong that I can't help, but to laugh. lol
5) Definitely eyes.

...and what about you?!

Hope you're enjoying the sun over there! There's suppose to be a storm today. *ugh


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

1. Top Shot
2. Banh Cuon
3. Stairs go up
4. Shake Weight
5. Eyes

Anonymous said...

1. Accidentally on Purpose! or if I'm feeling like a badass - NCIS. ;]
2. Like 4 slices of Costco pizza...
3. Up, up and awayyyy
4. Because everyone else said so...shakeweight...for men.
5. Face

CP said...

1)Top shot so I can shoot Brad instead of shooting his target and sending him to the elimination round. BUT since Jon beat me to this TV show I will pick Whale Wars because "the world is a whale wars" says Joe. I would bring a Japanese helicopter and dog fight with the stupid Sea Shepard's helicopter.

2) 3 Pad Thai's my good man!

3) Stairs go up. Elevators go down!

4) Those late night Girls Gone Wild commercials count?

5) Face (even though this can be covered by a bag!)

Mac OBryan said...

1) The Office (they need a non-fob Asian guy whom Michael constantly insults via racist fob remarks, who is witty enough to throw back insults that Michael won't get)
2) Thai
3) stairs go up, we can always jump down
4) the ones that ask me if I've accepted Jesus Christ as my Lort and savior.
5) her BMI and waist-to-hip ratio. If she's got 20-24 bmi and .65 to .75 ratio, she's totally in!

Anonymous said...

1. Modern Family - Because I'd totally be a Phil. :P
2. Grilled chicken on a bed of greens with artichoke hearts, feta cheese, grape tomatoes w/ a light basamic vinagrette. Homemade and eaten everyday for lunch. -__-
3. They don't because I do. Lazy-ass stairs! >.<
4. Slap Chop (sequel to ShamWow). "You'll love my nuts!," he says. One honorable mention is the one informercial I remembered by heart. "Money wasn't tight, but it wasn't right.... You're doing nothing with your life.... get off that couch and call Everest College!"
5. Mustache. That is undoubtly the FIRST thing I'll notice. If she doesn't have one, definitely the EYES. I need not to point out what I'll look @ if I'm looking from behind. (;

Anh Di said...

1. That 70's Show! YES!
2. Subway.. Meatball Marinara
3. I agree w Willy Bob, it depends which direction that the person is going.
4. I hate infomercials I really cant decide.
5. her personality of course.. it's the inner beauty that appeals to me.
if not that.. than def her mammary glands.