Salt Review

So I went to the supermarket today and tried Morton's new diet salt with iodine, and boy does it taste great. It makes that sizzle in your mouth like how diet Coke has more fizz than normal Coke. But once again we have the same dilemma. Would you rather have cancer or high blood pressure? You already know my solution to the problem!

Afterwards I was inspired to see the movie Salt before noon for the low price of $6.00 There was a fair amount of gun action (them CIA agents make Sigs look good!) However it felt less like a movie and more like an episode of 24. I feel that thriller spy movies either need ridiculous action (like Pierce Brosnan 007) or intense character development (like Daniel Crag 007), or else it falls flat. This movie falls flat. Agent Salt doesn't have the swag of Agent 47, nor the personality development of Agent Bourne, nor the "OMG did he just do that?!" of Agent Bauer. As a result I never truly cared what happens to her. Also Angelina Jolie spoiled me with Wanted, in which she made my jaw drop every time she did something. But overall I enjoyed it, and it won't be a waste of money for admission. But it's not a must see. I recommend this for a DVD on a rainy day. Rating= 7/10

Other movies I have seen this summer either at the theaters or through internet

Inception = 9.9/10 (the machine is not explained, but I'll accept it)
Grown Ups = 8/10
A-Team = 8/10
Predator = 6.5/10
Karate Kid = 6.5/10
Death at a Funeral = 6/10
Kick Ass = 5.5/10


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...
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Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

there's being honest and being cruel. you're reviews are too harsh.

you're the teacher that likes giving a kid a 99 on a test because it was hard to read one the answers.

Bahumbug i say to you scrooge.

Mac OBryan said...

hummm... yes now i see why people think Ebert is a douchebag... ahh...

*byah!* *nhuk nhuk nhuk nhuk*