Chicken Nuggets are made from this pink goop. Looks like ice cream, yum!

Chicken Nuggets Are Made From This Pink Goop

"This is mechanically separated chicken. Chickens are turned into this goop so we can create delicious chicken nuggets and juicy chicken patties. It's obscenely gross and borderline alien but it's not going to stop me from eating nuggets. They're too good.

The process works a little something like this:

There's more: because it's crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.

Yeah, that's just disgusting. But I can't shake my roots. I'm a chicken nugget fan (and all around fast food guy) for life."

DELICIOUS! Seriously looks like strawberry ice cream.


Anh Di said...

that looks delicious, why dont they serve it like that instead.

v-man said...

yeah, just add some nuoc mum and its golden!

Mac OBryan said...

man... its not even chicken anymore if it has to be reflavored.

no wonder the chicken sandwich costes more than the mcchicken.

NO MORE JON! I can't take it! Next you'll tell me that hamburgers are ground up and inferior steaks! Then pigs will fly.