First Day of Advent

The music on KOST felt way too early for me when it started the week before Thanksgiving, but now with Advent upon us it feels just right. My favorite song is Silent Night by Transiberian Orchestra.

I first heard this song when Nhi used it for the introduction for our Christmas play several years back. This song instills so much tranquility and stillness in me. The opening violin notes just freeze me and make me forget about anything else going on at the moment. I know it sounds kinda weird but hearing this song makes me pumped up for Christmas and it gives me a purpose and drive for this year's Christmas play. Of course you know this play is gonna have trademarks of Mac: comic relief, drama, and action. But I want the play to show people that this is our God who loved us so much that he become one of us to save us. In my childhood years I was occupied with Santa Clause and gifts and taking breaks from school. In my teenagers years I was occupied with having a special someone (well that's still there now too haha). But now I have great admiration for the adults who see Christmas as a time to strengthen their faith and appreciate what they have. Its a much more positive outlook than when I thought about things I wanted.

So this season, I'm gonna try my best to make this a good Advent. Let's spread our love around to our entire communities. Reach out to people you never try to reach out to. Its easy to be nice to your inner circle, but its something else to love those that are a continual thorn in your side. My quote of the day:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Four weeks left, lets try our best to prepare! (Of course I am referring to the Lakers-Heat game. Who wants to buy a Lebron jersey to burn?)


J.Frosty said...

as i lay my victim to rest.... ahh so peaceful

Anh Di said...

I'm D for the burning of the bronbron jersey