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1) Acceleration is constant and the same on both divers, so the difference in velocity will remain the same. Remember acceleration acts linear to the velocity, but square of the distance. Just because they stay the same speed apart(0 mph and 10 mph or 20 and 30) does not mean the same for distance. The first guy will keep increasing his distance away from the second guy, until they both get to terminal velocity (which I heard is around 120 mph for human bodies). At that point the distance will remain the same.

Which is why this is bullshit: Not only does the plane fall first, it has propellers thrusting it downward -_-

2) HIV destroys your immune system and turns you into a horror movie victim: A sick little girl touching you can kill you. As Jon says it is indeed the nut tap that leaves you open for the stunner.

3) Vianney is right, molecular movement versus intermolecular forces.

The equation for free energy is G=H - TS. At T of 0 degrees Celsius, the S (entropy/random movement) will overcome the H (enthalpy/intermolecular forces)

Basically, particles will always want to be spread out, but the strong bonds must be broken first, which requires heat. That's why it takes so long to boil water in a pot.

4) Carbon has alot of geometries: tetrahedral, double bond, triple bounds etc. The fact that carbon molecules always binds to four other things (whereas oxygen usually only binds to two, and hydrogen to one) makes carbon have unlimited types of compounds.

For example, here is one of carbon's compounds. This is methane gas (CH4). This is what comes out of your butt and stinks up a room.

5) Males can lactate if they have the same hormones as a women who just gave birth: Oxytocin and prolactin. This only happens if the man is hormonally unbalanced or is under the control of mad scientists.

In their secret underground lab, threatening test victims through their cage windows:

"You vill lactate, or ve vill shoot you. You understant? Very goot."

"Wid dis male milk ve shall create de fourth Reich! Heil to the Khoas!"

6) You wouldn't believe it unless you did it yourself. The balloon goes in the same direction as the car. Helium is lighter than normal air particles. So when the car accelerates the balloon wants to go back too, but the heavier surrounding air starts to push back on the balloon so that it goes forward:

7) You need energy (ATP) to allow muscles fibers to unbind from each other. Also probably explains zombie erections (nice observation Jon)

8) I meant to ask why do people tell you to stay out of the water for 30 minutes. Even going into cold water without physical swimming will make your body go out of normal homeostasis, which is enough to switch your body from parasympathetic (rest and digest) to sympathetic (fight or flight). And indigestion doesn't feel good.

9) Vianney is correct. Melatonin absorbs harmful radiation. Some people get tanned in the sun (because they have melatonin) and others get burned (because of lack of melatonin).

10) The bald gene travels on the X chromosome, not the Y. As you know a woman is XX and a man is XY. A bald woman has to get both bald chromosomes through her mom and dad. So that's why bald women are so rare. Men only need one bad X chromosome, from his mother.

Normally a woman who has a bald father already has doomed half of her sons to being bald. But that same woman who has children with a bald man has committed an egregious sin against nature: half of her daughters will be bald. Beware of bald men Ceci! lol

11) Batteries are endothermic. Which means as you run a battery through a flashlight, the batteries will become colder. You probably don't feel it though, because it takes a long time to discharge. But the reverse holds true: recharging a battery is exothermic. Your airsoft battery will be warm after being re-charged.

Therefore it goes like this

Reactants --------> Products
Heat + more charge ---> less charge

According to the laws of equilibrium, if you take away one of the reactants the products will change into the reactants to reach equilibrium again.

So if you put your batteries in the fridge, the heat is taken away and the reaction will shift to the left towards reactants (more charge). They will have (slightly) more energy than when you bought them from the store. Hax!

12) HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is made by the embryo/fetus. This is necessary in pregnancy because females would stop making estrogen and progesterone some time after ovulation, and that causes their period. HCG keeps hormone levels high and also prevents additional ovulation. It's similar to birth control pills. HCG tells your body to make estrogen, while birth control is estrogen. Constant high levels prevents ovulation cycles.

So if a girl never PMSes she might be either pregnant or on birth control! :-)


J.Frosty said...

my head hurts but i think i understand.

Good questions, i enjoy trying to figure them out

Mother Russia said...

Interesting read. It was fun learning new things while reading Vianney's and Jon's answers haha. I'm not gonna lie though, totally just skimmed over all the technical, science jargon and equations :p

Khorn said...

Didn't have time to answers all the questions. But did spend some time answering the bald gene question. Here is my answers:

10) A husband is bald. A wife is not bald but had a father who was bald. What are the chances that their children will be bald?

Missing some information, but here are a few scenarios. I’m going to use Punnett Square theory from 10th grade Biology (One of a few things I remember from Biology).

Dominant meaning they will be bald.
Recessive meaning there is a chance they will be bald.

Wife could carry either recessive bald gene or not at all (Xx or xx).
Husband could carry either dominant or recessive bald gene (YY or Yy).

Scenario 1:
If the husband has the dominant bald gene (YY) and the wife has the recessive bald gene (Xx). Two in four chances (50%) the children will carry the dominant bald gene. While the other 50% children will carry the recessive bald gene.

x xY xY

Scenario 2:
If the husband has the recessive bald gene (Yy) and the wife has the recessive bald gene (Xx). 25% of the children will carry the dominant bald gene, 50% of the children will have the recessive bald gene, and 25% of the children will not carry the bald gene at all.

Y y
x xY xy

Scenario 3:
If the husband has the dominant bald gene (YY) and the wife does not carry the bald gene (xx). 100% of the children will have the recessive bald gene.

x xY xY
x xY xY

Scenario 4:
If the husband has the recessive bald gene (Yy) and the wife does not carry the bald gene (xx). Two in four chances (50%) the children will carry the dominant bald gene. While the other 50% children will carry the recessive bald gene.

Y y
x xY xy
x xY xy

Mac OBryan said...

yes khoa you would be right, if the bald gene was a normal gene. but it's carried on the sex chromosome. Women are XX and men are XY. Thus women always give the X gene to children, and men give either X or Y. Y gene makes males.

the "bald gene" is carried only on the X chromosome. baldness is recessive, so women only need one good X gene to keep hair. However men only get one X chromosome, from their mother. Thats why a bald man doesnt pass on his baldness to his son, it comes from the mom side.

nice punnet square math though