Sports Cars.

A thought just ran through my mind as was looking at pictures of my next car, I've got a pretty counter eco friendly taste in cars. For most people out there it'd probably be something along the lines of a hybrid or highly fuel efficient car, and even though i am guilty of wanting cars in these categories, nothing has really sparked my interest like a nice mid-size SUV. Gah, the mileage might not agree but dang, something about driving an SUV that makes life easier. Not just that, SUVs look pretty beast. GMC recently released a new model and oh my goodness do I want!

The GMC Terrain.

Don't be fooled by how badass it looks, this is a Mid Size SUV, Roughly the same size as the Infiniti Qx4 (which I drive). 3 Liter V6 260hp! VROOM VROOM VROOOOOM! It gets about 22city/34hwy with it's 4cylinder model so i'm guessing it'll be about 19city/30hwy on it's V6 model.  Dang, there's something about it's design that just screams out my name, probably cause it looks like it's covered in armored. Built my own full package model using the GMC website and it'll cost me about $35,000 tax included. But of course, I'm not going to get a new car until my baby dies in another 160k miles!

Power! More Power!

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Mac said...

power = bueno. tipping over = no bueno.