A tribute to Kwame Brown

There are many people in the NBA who suck and fans love to have them on their team because they suck. Mark Madsen and Brian Scalabrine are some good examples. UCLA had this Asian guy named Kelvin Kim that we would always want to be put into the game in the 4th quater because it's like using a human as a victory cigar. But those guys are lucky because they aren't expected to contribute to a team's wins. Kwame Brown on the other hand was the number one pick. He actually did okay his first two years with the Wizards. But as expectations soared, his mind and testicular fortitude shriveled up. No one follows him anymore because now he plays for the scrubby Charlotte Bobcats. Now that nothing is expected of him, he's actually putting up decent numbers of 10/10 (some pretty good fantasy stats).

But anyway, I was looking through my favorited videos on my youtube account and I found some Kwame stuff. These two are his highest and lowest points that I remember watching live. Both of these videos are from the same season, because I remember watching both of these games with my friend Joseph in my 2nd year dorm room.

I wish they didn't edit this video, because he had the ball for four straight possessions and they were either missed layups or turnovers. I've never seen a player booed by their own fans ever! I don't know what's more dumb, the fact that Kwame keeps trying when he's off, or the fact that the Lakers keep feeding him the ball. Blame it on the triangle offense, the ball will find it's way to the open man -__-

My reaction: HOLYY... My friend's reaction: dude look how happy Kobe is!
0:20 "yee my butterfingers just slipped through yo defense son"

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J.Frosty said...

"be able to finish, that's not the strength in his game" BUAHAHHA