Memiors of a [Man] Geisha 10/7-10/9 2011

Friday: Halloween Horror Night

Who: Phi, Eric, Bryan, Khoa, Ceci, & I.
When: 7pm Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. 8:30pm Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night.
Where: Universal Studios.
Why: To have fun and pee our pants.

Summary: So much fun! Enjoyed my first burger at Hard Rock Cafe, yummy =]. & Then had fun going around Universal Studios getting surprised. So many memorable moments, "Noooooo! Mommy, Don't do it" I want a gillie suit now =P.
Khoa: "He's Real"
Bryan: *looks closely* "Ahhhhhhh, Oh hoh yes!" *as the zombie jumped up at him*

Saturday: Man's Lan Day

Who: Bryan, Andrew, Khoa, Tony, Aaron, Michael, Bao, Andy, Chris, & I
When: All day
Where: Bryan's House
Why: For the spirit of good competitive nerding out.

Summary: Booo Beep Beep Boo (R2D2). Had a lot of fun playing star craft brood war and counter strike 1.6. Twas a long overdue lan party. We learned many things that day such as Bao is the greatest sniper to ever play CS ;). You girls definitely need to have a Tea Party, don't make us throw it for you guys. Anyways, can't wait till our next lan party sometime over Christmas Break! Weeeeeeeee!

Sunday: Thieu Nhi & Fashion Show Practice

You know the who, when, where, and why.
Quick Summary: Made a massive amount of sandwiches for lunch. No white board ergo no Sunday thoughts. Found Tony's infamous rick james wig from so many years ago. Fun >=]

Things to come!
Friday: Chi Li's House for fashion show practice, dinner, and fiesta food preparation/help.
Saturday: Help at the Fiesta for several fun cultural hours.
Sunday: Thieu Nhi and shenanigans. 

Financial News
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I want a bullpup =[


Mac OBryan said...

that card is awesome! are you sure we don't have to trade our souls?

Mac OBryan said...

another note, I am now seeing a credit card ad on the top left lmao