Some Stories From My Silent Retreat

I need a break from serious things so I'll save what I learned for later. For now, here's some fun things:

I got there on Thursday afternoon, and I wasn't able to rot so hai (drop the deuce) all of Friday. So by Saturday I'm worried. The bathrooms are totally clean, so I'm wondering why my mind is subconsciously holding back, after all this isn't LDRK camp. Saturday night was confessions, and I finally had the urge to release my demons right before confession. So I entered confession with a clear mind and BODY.

Story two: I had a dream in which I was a soldier, and another soldier runs out like a fool into the open and dies. And I pity him because he is like the passage I read in which Jesus pities "sheep without a shepherd". Of course when I wake up I laugh because this was obviously Andy in Battlefield 3.

Story three: You don't talk on a silent retreat, so at meal time we just sit without making eye contact and eat quietly. Well during one lunch, I wasn't too hungry because I had a big breakfast. But the girl at my table was on the "voluptuous" side, and went for seconds. I was getting ready to put away my plates and leave. But because I didn't want her to feel awkward, I also went for seconds. This is the heart of chivalry: being the bigger man, even when you aren't ... the bigger man.


J.Frosty said...

story two: *sigh* "Here we go again..."

Willy Bob said...

Touche with story one. lol
That was very sweet of you in story three!