Animation Domination Throwdown

It's a deadly melee for top show!

I've wondered why some fans of certain shows dislike the other shows. It's really not about neutral critiquing but more of fanboy bashing. It's the PS vs 360 and MW vs BF debate. They're different but it doesn't make one more "superior" than the other since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, I admit that I am bias (as we all are) but I'll try to be impartial.

Funniness: Family Guy (FG) > American Dad (AD) > Simpsons (SS) = Cleveland Show (CS)

FG is easier for new fans to pick up because you don't have to know the characters too well to get the jokes. If you're intelligent, there's political jokes. If you're not intelligent there's fart jokes. If you're a man, there's tons of violence. FG pretty much invented the cutaway joke gag. American Dad doesn't use cutaways but is still hilarious because of the great scene setups. Simpsons and Cleveland are legit family shows, laughter is a side benefit. I think people who watch those two shows just want to be entertained with stories.

Cast Lovability (averaged): AD > SS = CS > FG

I love American Dad, they actually have characters you care about. Stan is a macho man, alot of his jokes come from guns, politics, and manhood. I would rank Homer as the most lovable dad, because he's well rounded. He's not smart, but he isn't dumb either. Alot of people identify with Homer and his realistic story lines. Cleveland is a lovable black guy. He's nice and has really bad jokes, which make them funny. Peter is a dumbass. After a certain point Peter is more annoying than entertaining.

I'm gonna start by putting Marge and Donna at the bottom. Any episodes based on them are boring as hell, because they're too generic. Lois and Francine are tied here because you can base the episode's main plot on them and it's entertaining. Lois has crazy fighting skills, and Francine is a beach blonde with an interesting promiscuous past.

I'm putting Steve first. He's tied with Bart for fan lovability, but since he's on a McFarlane show, he can have really funny storylines and more mature subjects than Bart would ever get to have. Cleveland Jr is third because he's the fat slow underdog that we like to root on. Chris is so boring. Let's just say I would want to be friends with any of the other three while growing up, but not Chris.

Lisa is first. Haley is second. Meg is third. Roberta is fourth. They are all so different, but I'm basing this on how well rounded their character is. I'd say Meg brings the most entertainment but honestly can you watch an entire episode about her? It's easy to do that with Lisa.

Babies of the family:
Stewie and Brian are number one without a doubt. My two favorite cartoon characters. Together they bring up the family's IQ to average. It seems like the best episodes are based on their adventures. Roger the alien, while not a baby, fits here because he's part of the family. His storylines are hilarious because he gets unfair revenge for small slights. Rallo is tied with Roger. Rallo is the only funny character on CS. Imagine a black straight Stewie that wants to conquer girls instead of the world and you've got Rallo. Unfortunately Maggie comes from an era in which babies are realistic, so she can't talk and has no personality.

Supporting Cast (neighborhood)
FG > SS > CS > AD

FG totally wins here. There's the obvious Quagmire, but I love random townspeople like Herbert, Bruce, Consuela, and Fouad. You cannot beat that. Simpsons isn't that funny, but I've grown to like Barney, Moe, Carl, Lenny, etc. AD has no neighborhood except for Stan's CIA coworkers.

As you can see, It's hard to pick which show I like best because I like different family members more than others. For example I think FG is funny, but I dislike so many people in the family. Overall I would say I like American Dad the most. Steve is my favorite son character, and Roger and Klaus are close to Brian and Stewie. The storylines are constantly fresh. I can only take so many fart jokes and chicken fights.


J.Frosty said...

i think i've seen too many family guy episodes lol

Khorn said...

Interesting comparison, but I'll stick with FG and SS. Just because they already provide me with what I need. If I want stupid funny I go to FG. I'll watch SS for the storyline.