GmG and CMcN - Kids and Technology

First off I just want to mention that writing for BiA feels like writing for a TV show, because it takes a week for my material to get aired lol.

Anyway, going to the many recent holiday parties has revealed something to me. Many kids are secluded in groups of three at most while playing Nintendo DS or iPod games. What happened to yelling and socializing and playing hide and seek? This is where I am very grateful for people like Vincent who have an unlimited supply of circle social games.

Being at yesterday's TN (December 18th) was fun seeing all the kids play board games. Heck even Khoa Vianney Andrew and I had a short game of Twister in the hallway. Board games are great icebreakers for kids and allow them to get to know others better than just playing games like tag. But at least even tag allows more socializing than playing Angry Birds etc.

Another thing that is ironic, with so much technology available, kids are actually losing some computer basics. I've already mentioned that its sad that none of the boys in HS/NS knows how to build a computer. When I was in 9th grade I knew how to set up networks and run command promps and build computers and overclock them. Do you guys remember how hard it was to connect a computer to a workgroup on Windows 98 or Windows ME? It was a Pain. Nothing was automatic, one wrong setting on the router or computer effed up everything. Kids were connecting to the router on Man Lan Day with their magicical Windows 7 telling me "I'm not connected, there's no internet". *facepalm*


J.Frosty said...

lol the world today is not what it used to be ;P

let us hope the second coming is a wave of ms dos evolution lol

CP said...

A few years ago, Arron use to draw a lot. Have not seen him with a pen and pencil, outside of hw, in ages..

Khorn said...

Remember when it took 10 minute to load up a page and a full two night to download a game using dial up connection. Those were the days.