GmG - flushing the toilet

I went to Home Depot last week and I guess being around so much lumber gave me the call of nature. Anyway I went into the first stall and I smelled bad but not that bad. I noticed that there was a waste basket beside the toilet and there was toilet paper with "striped markings" on it. I left that stall and went over to the next one. Same thing, a basket with soiled paper in it. I went over to the third stall and there was also a basket, but luckily no paper in it.

It was while I was thinking deeply while relieving myself that I realized why there was soiled toiletries in the baskets. While traveling to Vietnam AND Mexico, I learned that third world countries have weak toilets to conserve water. All public restrooms have waste baskets in the stalls and I learned from the locals that you're supposed to throw the paper in the basket so it doesn't clog the toilet.

Well this is America where our toilets are strong. And this wasn't at home, this was at the Home Depot where they have INDUSTRIAL toilets. Why do these immigrants still insist on the old ways? This is America, land of the free and home of the brave. Freely waste your water and brave the slight chances that your toilet will be clogged. You can do it immigrants, you now have the liberty to flush the paper down the toilet!


v-man said...

Lol too funny!

J.Frosty said...

flush thy waste and thy customs to the netherworld!