GmG - rating things too extremely

Prepare to shake your fists because it's another edition of "What Really Grind my Gears"

Did you notice when youtube changed from a 1-10 rating system to a thumbs up/down system? There's a good reason why. Things that were good got scores of 7, 8, 9, or 10. So it averaged out to 8.5ish. Things that kinda sucked, while really deserving a 4 or 5, got scores of 1. So youtube had videos with ratings of 8-10 and 1-2. The 3-7 range was non-existent.

Here's another example. If you look at

it shows you the combined average ratings of games from different review companies. But the interesting score that I always pay attention to is the user rating. This can be a bit unfair because people bring in expectations, but that's a good way for me to know if these games satisfied the fan base. If you looked at that page, I'm sure the thing that jumped out at you is MW3's fan score of 2.9. Why? Because tons of people were giving it 0 when it probably is at least a 5. But like I said, scores in the middle never exist in internet ratings.

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v-man said...

just like how rotten tomato ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt (contagion was not worth the high score it got). Like the background. I give it a 7.9 to help the middle range haha