human side of NBA "business"

The Celtics would be my #1 team if I wasn't born in LA. Who wouldn't appreciate their chemistry and how hard they work? They play the game the right way. This is a video from last year that shows how a team can struggle after a trade. If Kendrick Perkins took this hard, you know Lamar "soft" Odom would take the current trade talks even harder. It's sad. The saddest part to me is Kobe's reaction. The Celtics big three are solid guys who care for others. I don't mean this as a demerit to Kobe, but he just wants to win. It's all business to him. Kobe wants to win... but does he realize what he's losing along the way? I hope Kobe doesn't end up empty like MJ at his Hall of Fame speech.


CP said...

I dont blame kobe at all. It's the fact of the matter... it's just business. The sooner a player understands that, perhaps the harder they will work on the court? You can't take these things personally which is not a easy thing to do.

Personally, I think Lamar is was being a big baby by coming to camp just to talk to management then leaving right after. Dude, it's part of the life of a NBA player! You get paid millions, stop crying! You knew this day could come at anytime. It's part of your business.

Mac OBryan said...

it's not about money. Lamar could have made more being on a bad team. It's about him committing himself to a franchise and thinking that he became a son of Jerry Buss. If you look at Odom's personal background, life isn't easy for him. He lost his mom at a young age. Odom had been a mercenary for so long, he finally found a family with the Lakers.

Let's pretend LDRK was a league and you were going to be traded because we had too many funny guys and the other side was giving a religious guy. And trade was cancelled. If I was gonna show up to the first day, I'd give the middle finger to whoever made the trade. Money doesn't matter, I'm pissed no matter what.

CP said...

that's how you set yourself up to get hurt when a trade comes around.