Things That I Like Alot

This isn't about personality or traits or abstract things, this is about physical possessions. There are some things that I really enjoy window shopping. I think about it in my head and while not envying them, think about it alot because I think they are beautiful.

4. shoes (basketball or casual)
3. cars (sports cars and SUV crossovers)
2. short bunnies (so much more beautiful than long bunnies)
1. watches

Man I cannot get over looking at watches when I walk pass them. Currently I am infatuated with complicated dial watches (military style) with dark bands. I do think things like Rolexes are nice, but it's not worth the money to me. Anyone that spends over 300 for a watch is just paying for precious metals (gold) or brand name. But I do believe that nice watches are worth the price up to 300. As for the other items, I would say shoes are worth the quality up to 100, then it's diminishing returns. For cars I'd say the border is at 40,000. For the bunnies, it's at 800.

Are there any items you really like? And at what price is it worth up to before returns are diminished?


CP said...

lol for a minute i was like man i never knew bryan liked rabbits and bunnies so much! then i got it! I like all sizes of bunnies. Just not the old bunnies from era's I was not born yet.

I share the same liking as you for #3 and #4. But my order is #1 cars, #2 bunnies, #3 laptops/electronics, #4 ties.

v-man said...

I like food. Food is priceless and lasts forever. No diminishing returns in food. You get exactly what you eat! I will not though pay for any entree past $20. Now it just becomes really expensive #1 and #2s.