Epic Orchestra Music [1]

I think all of us have pretty well rounded music tastes. But for me, the most epic music comes from video games and movies. I like epic soundtracks, and it's even better when they are played by a live orchestra. Anyway, for the first edition, there's no more obvious choice than Guile's theme. There are tons of versions out there, from 8-bit to metal to techno, but this my favorite.

This sounds like it belongs in a Batman movie. With the deep foreshadowing notes at the beginning, I can imagine Bain about to kill Batman (in the next Dark Knight movie) then the drumbeat starts and Guile comes in and flashkicks Bain to the face. Then Batman and Guile fight off the thugs... for AMERICA.

This music is also appropriate for doing epic things. SONIC BOOM! = the ripple waves when the deuce hits the water


Khorn said...

I also like the Metal Gear Solid 2/3 theme played by Eminence Orchestra. Would be awesome to go to a concert with an orchestra just playing these epic theme songs.

J.Frosty said...

they have to remake video games with these tracks

Anonymous said...

I concur with Frosty. I mean Guile's American right?! Not Belgium! Van Damme reading script: "So OK, I punch him, then punch him, then kick him, then I do splits on this table?" >.<