Friday Flashback [6]

This is the end of Finals week before winter break of 2nd year. That explains why it's way messier than normal (or was it normal? I forget).

So many memories brought up by this one video. We set up a little Christmas tree I bought from the 99 cent store. Duncan has 4 computer monitors because the engineering department gave them out for free (they were upgrading to LCDs). He bought a second video card just so he could output to 4 monitors -_- Albert has winter bells on his background, which was competitive among us until he set a ridiculously high score. David is looking up movie times for Blood Diamond and we went out to Santa Monica later that night to watch the movie.

As a joke, we filmed videos of the hallway and bathroom and played four "security" videos at the same time on each of the monitors full screen, each using a different program (Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real, Itunes). The four videos were all different angles. And it seemed real because the camera was panning and in black/white. We played a prank on the RA by getting a girl to say Duncan was a stalker... good times. Here's an example of one of those videos:

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