New SBD dancing champion

I really don't know how we didn't have an SBD label before, so now it exists.

I used to think Jean Claude Van Damme had the most SBD dance, followed by Carlton's dance. You have probably seen his famous drunk dance in "Kickboxer" but here's a hilarious video from a movie from before he was famous and just in the background

So who is the new champion?

Mario Lopez (Slater) from Saved By the Bell. My goodness... there isn't one move in here that IS NOT SBD.

Look what Mario Lopez does when someone tries to steal the SBD title away from him:

just to re-iterate, he was not defending his woman's honor. he was defending his SBD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE from the very sbd Val Venis, whose name rhymes with pal penis.


Willy Bob said...

Man...those dances were somethin' else! lol I'd love to see you boys move like em!

Bryan said...

Any names with four syllables makes the song work:

My name is Bryan Dinh Nguyen, I will dance for you. My name is Jon Phi Long Ngo I will dance for you. My name is Christopher Pham, I will dance for you.

J.Frosty said...

HAHAHAH i will dance for you!