TECH Thursday [3]


This is not your ordinary gardening glove, these glove developed by GM and NASA is the ultimate glove allowing the user to grip objects more comfortably and for a longer period of time.

The K-Glove is a spin-off technology arise from the development of GM and NASA most famous robot, Robonaut 2 (a robot astronaut currently being use in the International Space Station).

First prototype glove was developed back in March of 2011 and so far many improvements have been done to make this glove light as possible (currently only weigh 2 lbs). NASA envision incorporating the K-Glove with astronaut's suit for use in space and eventually will be available in the commercial market for manufacturing workers to use. The idea is to use the glove for repetitive hand and wrist strenuous activities, basically for work safety.

How does it work?

Pressure sensors are implanted in the fingertips of the glove allowing the glove to detect when a user is grabbing an object. Synthetic tendons are used to retract the fingertips allowing a firm grip.

Why is it called K-Glove?

Not sure why it's called a K-Glove. "K" might mean Kinetic or Kinematic or Khorn. Maybe the engineer decided to name it after two Minnesota Timberwolves best Power Forward, K. Love and K. G., mix the name and you end up with K-Glove? What are your thoughts?




J.Frosty said...


Man's new best friend

Bryan said...

K Glove or K-Y Glove? No Glove No Love!