TECH Thursday [4]

Today, I present you with a series of videos on robots developed by Boston Dynamics in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Which do you like more and which one do you think is more useful?



J.Frosty said...

so far number 1 looks the most promising for hauling around gear and supplies in a calm setting but i don't think it'll do great under fire. there is a similar model out but with wheels, the MULE. has 6 wheels that go up and down to keep the robot stable and level

number two, looks like it'll be useful for running supplies such as a small amount of ammo from a forward operating base to a platoon in need.

number 3 looks like he'll be good for walking down the street with that old school limp while playing 80's music.

bryan said...

#1 looks like the most stable