TECH Thursday

This segment was requested by MAC and will be posted at 10ish every Thursday. The segment will begin with Tech Music and will highlight random interesting technology related posts.

Electronic/Tech Music History

As you know or maybe you don't. My taste of music is probably very different than anyone in BiA. I like good beats in my music and the only type of music that offers this is Electronic/Tech Music. Something soothing about it makes me come back for more and it also act as my sleeping pill (yep it puts me to bed). Well, today I would like to share a fun website I came across a few weeks ago that basically tell the story of how electronic music became known as either House, Techno, Trance, etc and even give you sample of what music in the genre sound like. You will learn to tell the difference between a genre such as Acid and European Dance music (not really, probably confuse you even more). Check it out!



J.Frosty said...

This guy, who do you think we are!? lol, Mac, Tonster, W.Bob, and pretty much everyone else loves techno, house, and electronica lol. Dang, i mean i have like 10-15 gb of techno and electronica lol.

Bryan said...

man this educational website is truly epic. i will educate myself here. btw, you said "I like good beats". Was that a typo and you really meant "I like good beets" ? I hear it goes well with corn.

J.Frosty said...

zing! bada ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!

Willy Bob said...


Khorn said...

J.F: You are the exception to this music. But Willy and Mac? Should do a rave party. lol
Mac: Beats or beets, both are pretty good. ;)