The Weenis

lol i'm probably gonna get trolled for this but i thought it was funny.

SO, we all know there is heated debate on homosexuality and whether or not it is right or wrong. Well I am here today to spread the good news of a discovery to end all debates. But first, a little science. We all know that "weenis" is the name given to the skin on the elbow. We also know that it is near impossible for any man to lick his elbow, minus a few.

So by putting one and one together we get God's 11th commandment:


...lmao sorry, like i said, i thought it was funny. I apologize to anyone who is offended by this lol. Just something that dawned on me in the middle of the night when i was scratching my weenis lol.

disclosure: homosexuality is not bad

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AnKrehax said...

LOL I think its even more funny cuz I can go onto Facebook and read this now