New Layout

The page may appear broken (plain white), just click refresh until you see the new layout. I viewed the website with IE, Chrome, and FF. It's totally ugly with IE, they don't support alot of the new CSS codes. And it's smoother on Chrome than FF. If you guys are still using FF, give chrome a try. At first the minimalistic features seemed "too little" but now I love it. And there are cool themes, just like how FF has themes. It supposedly uses less resources than FF too. I don't have proof of that, but it's clear to me that BiA loads smoother on Chrome.

Let me know if there's any other issues. But anyway, I have changed the website to have an image at the top, and changed theme to dark grey and blue. The sidebar is now permanent, and I added the "friendly blogs" so you can take a quick look at Paper Planes (because none of us remembers their URL lol).

You have also no doubt noticed the ads. I know it looks annoying but I'm going to leave it for awhile and see if it's "worth" anything. If it is, I'm sure free boba for the group will make the pain go away :-)


Bryan said...

testing comment

J.Frosty said...

works great on chrome. chrome with almost no addons or plugins > everything lol. I too was a ff man, but i have seen the light.

i was wondering why there were so many more adds lol. I have no problem with it, it's not like a commercial pop ups that i have to watch before i can read a post.

Willy Bob said...

Dang...BiA just got fancy! Can I request Jon's desktop background as our top header? I really like it.