Childhood McNugget: Counter-Strike

I was re-arranging old pictures on my old computer when I digged up these golden memories.

By the way, when you first buy a computer you should re-format it so that at least 50% of it is backup. For example on this old P4, there's 160 GB. I dedicated 100 GB to pictures and music and programs, and the other 60 is for Windows. I keep everything backed up like Office and drivers. That way when the computer gets laggy after a year, I reformat and re-install everything. I get a fast computer again, and don't have to worry about files being lost. Also, if there's a virus, no problem, just reformat.

Sadly my digital album stops after 2008-2009, when I realized pictures will always be on facebook.

Anyway, click any of the thumbnails for a larger picture, or open in new tab.

Counter Strike was the most revolutionary game in my lifetime. It was the first addicting online game for the non-nerds. I remember the popular jocks knew me for being one of the best at CS in my grade. It was easy enough to pick up, but difficult to master. Add in the fact that this game became popular before DSL meant that kids were going to PC Lans which defined the new arcade of the 2000s.

 Teamwork was essential too, it's pretty non-existent in console games now because there's only dumb kids blabbering on the mic.

I'm not sure if another game replaced CS as the online king, but at my high school it was pretty much nerd-status by 2004-2005. But COD 4 didn't come out until 2007, so I wonder what people were playing 2005-2007.

 we thought we looked so badass. picture is dated 4-13-2003
 it's like a sweatshop, but with CS instead of sewing machines
 I think aC was the last real clan I was in, with practices and scrimages. I'm Chingsta, Chris is Azn Sensation, and Joe is Fob Stick.
the TN clan, when we pretty much retired from competitive play after my 10th grade. Here I am with Jon and Linh. I honestly cannot ever remember playing with Tony ever. Did we Tony?
 Stacking with pistol, knife, and grenade
CS Source: guns look more realistic 
before he was good at SC, he was good at CS


J.Frosty said...

lol i love these pictures. And still, it's hard to believe Andrew was ever that handsome lmao

Khorn said...

2005-2007 you say?

I was playing a game called Gunz. Gravity Defying South Korean online game, played in third person.