Friday Flashback [16]

If you never understood the context to this video, here it is. Bao, Andy, Jon, and I were sleeping in the small room in the back of my old house. Bao fell asleep first so we decided to play a prank on him. Jon and I played as the robbers while the real "Jon and Bryan" were asleep. Therefore Andy is calling for us two to wake up. As robbers we come in with airsoft guns but don't demand any money, we only demand Andy "draw a dick on his face". Unfortunately Andy covers Bao's face so we only get a glimpst of it. I was trying to signal to Andy to take off the blanket and draw with the marker, but he didn't so I shot him in the leg at 0:31 in the video. Poor Bao, we did it to him again when us four slept over at my new house. Unfortunately I didn't record it that time.

And thus the An Phong tradition of SBD was born.


J.Frosty said...

lmao, the demands of a thief that we all fear "DRAW A DICK ON YOUR FRIEND'S FACE!"

Bryan said...

lol our retreat: "we're outta here!"