JuMex - Movies

Andrew mentioned that in the past few weeks he's seen a lot of movies: MIB 2, Chernobyl Diaries, Avengers, etc. This must have cost him a fortune. Here is CP's spin on Mac's JewMex. I call it JuMex..
I wanted to share with you guys a forum website that people share links to movies that they have recorded. http://movie-forumz.mobi/ For movies like The Dictator, it may not be worth paying the price of the ticket to watch it in the theater so this forum would be perfect for movies like that. It can be confusing to navigate from the forum to the outside website, but the basic thing is to find the forum thread for the movie you want to watch and click the blue Lets Go bottom which takes you to the server streaming the movie. From the server website, it gets even more confusing. Depending on the server website, sometimes you have to click continue as free user button and others you have to click on a continue link which pops up a bunch of ads then it will load the movie. It's a pain in the ass, but hey that's what you got to do if you are a JuMex.


Bryan said...

did you mean that yours is called jewmex? lol

J.Frosty said...

SOMEONE GET THESE GUYS SOME HD RECORDERS, GoPros?. tried watching Chernobyl Diaries but it was just too much black screen to enjoy, gotta wait til dvd.