Random Knowledge

Here's a random fact from one of my classes that makes you wonder.

"According to Piaget, you are as conceptually smart as you will ever be at the age of 21. From then on there you will only advance your intuition"

How do you guys feel about this? I know that when I heard this in class, being 21 myself, I had a big "fk" run through my mind. I don't consider myself conceptually inferior to others but I definitely see myself as below average. Maybe that's why Math is hard...mudama!


Anonymous said...

I respect Piaget's developmental research but this is one fact I don't wholly agree with. Child development is determined both by nurture & nature aspects of its environment. Thus it is critical that development must undergo completion of successive stages influenced by a variety of stimuli. Studies of the mind & how biological influences can affect this suggest that mind matures around the age of 25. However, further studies suggest that as long as a person continues to seek higher knowledge (or rather pursue venues that stimulate the brain on a consistent basis), a person's conceptual intelligence will continue to increase. Thus, the more you learn & accumulate meaningful experiences in your life, there is no boundaries as to how smart you can get.

Frosty, I believe it's not that you can't get the math due to intelligence (you're smart!). It's because you haven't familiarize yourself with it yet. All it takes is a little target practice. Pew!^2 (:

Bryan said...

I agree, those who continue to learn must at least get better conceptually. I also think another issue is those who are closed-minded while only being in their 20s. That's not good for any sort of development.