Ever wonder why V-Pop isn't popular?

Because instead of swag, these guys give off be-de-ness. I think all of you have seen this before in the past like I had, but I stumbled on it again watch from 0:30-0:50 "Alo? Em ah, nho anh khong? Nho Ah. Lam gi day? Den voi anh nay. Hoi em yeu, dung co buon phen. Aloo? ALLLOOO?


Willy Bob said...

My got...I literally face palmed watching this video. lol The only legit Viet pop singer that I know of is Thanh Bui, thanks to Khoa. Check out Mirror Mirror or Where Do We Go From Here.

J.Frosty said...

lmao, had to replay that