Friday Flashback [25]

Paintball at Hollywood sports park in 2005. Let me walk you through this video:

Tony is standing next to me in the observation area.
at 20-25 seconds, Jon waves to the camera. to his right is Joe wearing a dark sweater with white lettering. to Joe's right is Chris, wearing a Scorpion-like paintball suit.
at 1:35, the whole team rushes. Jon and Chris turn right into the maze area, Joe looks like he got pinned down so he takes cover in the center.
at 2:20-2:25 Chris goes to Joe, then goes back to the right. not sure where Jon is, he might he the dark figure taking cover on the right side.
at 4:12, probably because he saw so many teammates die, Joe leaves his position.
at 4:30 it appears the whole center portion of the team is gone, leaving only the right flank
at 5:50, the refs end the game because there's too much camping
at 6:00 you notice joe's head pop up in the right maze area, and he walks off the field. no hero, but he's alive

I have no idea what happened to Jon or Chris. Can you guys comment if you remember?

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