Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process

Thoughts? Yes, these immigrants will be your competitors out on the job market. Not only for that summer job, but for even your dream career. My thoughts are as follows. Who cares about minimum wage job summer jobs. Yes, it sucks for American adults that are fighting for minimum wage jobs as these young immigrants, but hey those people really should aim higher in life. If these immigrants beat you to the job offer, that's your fault. From the last time I checked, good grades and good overall applicant will always be the squirrel that gets the nut. If you let them beat you to the job, there's a good chance they've been beating you all your life. They had better grades than you while you were in school, they were out in the community volunteering, etc. If they beat an American citizen, I think they deserve the job. They have shown that they are smart and can get the job done. May the better man win! And if you don't win, just wait until the two year time period expires and you can steal the job you've "deserved" all along. Last thought, this is nothing more than Obama's way of getting the Hispanic votes later this year.

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