Censoring Saves Lives.

Saturday was pretty interesting and fun. First on the list to do was to take the WPE (Writing Proficiency Exam) at CSULA at 8.am. Not bad and I think I did pretty good, "I think an A, maybe a B, definitely at least a C." =]

Then we went to Midnight Mission in D-town L.A. for some volunteer work. It was pretty fun and I definitely enjoyed myself until the fire alarm went off and we were forced to stop what we were doing and proceed outside. (Censored Material) Enjoyed the rest of the day working there.

Then we went to McDonalds. Got myself a Mac Wrap. Bryan is right, read his review of the Mac Wrap in earlier posts for more details.

Next we went back to Duarte to play some Ball. There was this guy there about 6'3" maybe, anyways he was beast and I just couldn't stop him. Props to him, he has got the game down. On the other hand, as soon as he left, the tides started to change and Andy, Chris, & I took the last game. Woooo, he who laughs last, WINS! Oh and props to the other guy rocking the Bruin gear for shooting a 90% game, ridiculous.

To the Main Event! Sushi Night... The Bill was exactly as I expected, mastering the art one step at a time. Not as smooth as i wanted it to go, I could not use the kitchen therefor my productivity as well as the overall taste went down a bit, not too bad I hope. Ran out of raw goods and materials but everyone said they could not eat anymore so I guess we're ok? =] Had everyone over from cousins to friends to aunts and even my grandma. Lots of rolling and Lots of fun.

Finished the night with the movie Shooter, a new classic.

My Moment of the Day: "You knew I was coming and somehow manage to get scared when I show up."

Now I sit here updating my status...

Things I look forward to: Sunday's Lion Dance practice and Taking Granny to the airport on Tuesday so she can visit the motherland, Vietnam.

Stay Frosty.

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