A little history about the end of JnXgo

eSo while I was talking to certain someone the subject of video games came up and why I don't really play so much anymore. My answer: because I've played enough video games, I'm tired of video games. I've been playing video games since I was a little kid starting with the Original NES back when Duck Hunt was forbidden and Doom was Satan. Here's a list of Consoles I've owned: NES, Super NES, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advance, N64, Xbox, Xbox 360. I've spent several hours on several games on each of the consoles. I can only track how many games I've beaten on the Xbox 360. I've owned and beaten 42 games on my Xbox 360 alone!!! Easily 200 hours on single-player, then add the countless hours spent playing online... Sure, everyone plays video games and a lot of people played their consoles as much as me, but that's only consoles. What really sets me apart are the hours I spent on the computer, especially with World of Warcraft. Here's an image of my Xfire which is a program that tracks hours spent playing games on my computer.

And that's ONLY when I had Xfire turned on and running, so you can pretty much double that and add some for an estimate of the total time I've played video games on my computer. I went from Counter-strike 1.5 all the way to Source, and even played a lot of Day of Defeat, spent lots of time practicing and scrimmaging for clan matches. Then there was World of Warcraft, this was as important as the air i breathed. Simply put, I played WoW A LOT. I remember back when I played WoW (EVERY DAY for 3.5 years) I would check my time played and it hit the months marker... as in hours added up to equal all the hours in a month...

It's just time for this gamer to move on. Don't get me wrong, I'll sit down and enjoy a game here and there


My gamer soul is burned out, I've got nothing left for video games, I'm done living for video games, at least for now if not forever. . I'm transitioning from a life of video games to more of a social life outside of the gaming world. Since I was a little kid, I never really had a life outside of video games. When i think about it, even when it came to friends it was always about video games. I ate, drank, and dreamed video games. Video games was my schedule, it ruled my life. But I can't say I regret it completely.

I had A LOT of fun spending all those hours playing video games, my priorities were out of order and I could only see video games. "Wait shouldn't you regret only being able to see video games?" Yes and No. Before it was video games first, everyone/thing second but with video games out of the way i can see clearly and now I can truly appreciate everything I have and everyone I know. It's funny but Video Games was a big part of my life and part of the reason I am who I am now, and well... I love who I am =]. So if you see me not wanting to play video games so much anymore, you'll understand why and though some people maybe upset with this, it's just something that was inevitable.

I've got new things to live for now!!


v-man said...

Dang i never knew u played WOW!
Good luck with the new priorities. Just remember the occasional super smash game with your bud v-man is definitely allowed!

Keep on being the amazing general u are!

Mac OBryan said...

I too am a bit burned out of video games. I like playing here and there, but I don't see myself doing all nighters anymore.

Maybe I've taken on life as my new video game. Improving in real life basketball instead of NBA Live, improving on shooting skills instead of Call of Duty, improving on real life strength at the gym rather than increasing magicka in RPG games.

oh crap, maybe my life has turned into a video game.

Still you can't discount all the stuff you learn from video games. I have an excellent knowledge of military airplanes and cars from video games. It doesn't mean I'll go out into the world and say things like "pistols have a range of 30 yards" but at least I have a good idea and am not ignorant.

Another example, Andrew has an insane knowledge of world geography and countries due to Medieval Total War and Empire Total War.

401k said...

Whattt!! Is this the same Jon that played video games in my parent's bedroom during friday mass? ;p

J.Frosty said...

lmao, good try but i was doing other things among playing games =P

Vinchenzo said...

The one thing I learned from video games was that one man can destroy a whole army and that ammo was somehow always available and that little yellow mouses could shoot lightning bolts at people.

Wish that was true.

Anh Di said...
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Anh Di said...