Asian Pride

Flashback: Junior year in high school. Mexican artists dominate the radio waves. Some songs are cool, but some are lame (Gasolina anyone?). I was wondering if Asians could ever make it big on the music scene. At that time, all I knew was Chuckie Akenz and the V-Unit, and their music sucks. After seeing that I thought killing myself would do the world a favor by removing one Vietnamese from the world.

But now the time has come! "We number 1! A-sia! Not B-sia!" (copyright Vincent Truong)

There's always a downplaying of Asians in culture in movies and music. Can't our comedians be normal? Did you notice the popular ones that white culture likes are the self degrading ones? Bobby Lee, Ken Jeong, Dat Phan. But that's another conversation for another day. For now... Congrats to Far East Movement for dominating KIIS, POWER, AMP, and also K-A-L-I 106.3

This song can get repetitive and doesnt make sense "slizzard, sizzurp" what the hell?? But I gotta admit the song has grown on me. You CANNOT listen to this beat and NOT get into it.

If you haven't seen the music video yet, check it out. The girl in the red dress is very ... charming. This video makes Koreans look pretty damn ballin. Maybe part one of Kim Jong Il's plan to take over the world?


J.Frosty said...

man i remember when they were still making videos with Wong Fu. I'm happy they made it big, i still love their "animal" song!

Anh Di said...

what about William Hung?!

Far East Movement have a lot of good music!

Motha Russia said...

lol to the "charming" part.

<3 far east movement