This girl's got balls (in a good way)


In this Mexican city, there are so many public official assassinations by the drug cartels that no one ran for police chief except for a 20 year old woman in college with a Criminology degree. My first two instinctive reactions:

1) She's brave, and kinda crazy. More crazy then brave, but I still highly respect her courage.
2) The cartels would be stupid to assassinate her. Her martyrdom might be the last straw that gets the community to unite and fight back against the cartels.

There was a story from awhile back where one Japanese person who was loved by the community was slain by the Yakuzu for being openly defiant. The community banded together and cleansed the town of crime lords and their thugs. The huge difference is that it was mostly swords versus swords. Unfortunately for the Mexican law-abiding citizens it would be knives versus RPGs. Which is why this new chief is their last hope. Best of luck to you, BiA will be rooting for you.


J.Frosty said...

DAYUM! She's gonna have to wear a vest all the time. Hope she stays in office for a long time!

Willy Bob said...

My got! Best wishes to her.